Sea Of Cortez Marine Life, From minute To Magnificent

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The Sea of Cortez is a gulf of the Pacific Ocean between Baja California and the mainland of Mexico. Some refer to this body of water as the Gulf of California. Scuba divers love to come to the Sea of Cortez to enjoy the diversity of marine life. Because of its beauty and diversity, the Sea of Cortez is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the great things about the Sea of Cortez for divers is the chance to see many species of whales. This area is rich in (more…)

A Brief Primer on Scuba Diving

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We love the water. We, as in, humanity. We want to live near the water for the access, we are continuously fascinated by all the interesting fish one can find and we’re always discovering new and interesting things down there. Some people actually research the various cable providers just for a chance to have Discovery or the Travel Channel when Shark Week rolls around.

In 1952, one man loved the ocean so much that he created something called the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus – or SCUBA as you might know it. His name was Christian Lambertsen and he was a Major in the US Army Medical Corps during World War II.

As a physician, he was versed in a wide array of methods, trainings and equipment which gave him the experience and the know-how necessary to fashion a rebreather which we would all know as SCUBA gear.

Today, Scuba diving usually involves an oxygen tank with a rebreather that covers the entire face. Wet suits are often incorporated to handle the colder temperatures in the deeper waters and some gear even comes equipped with close circuit communication capabilities.

Scuba diving is the ultimate way for man to enter a vast and uncharted world and, this is key, stick around. And, as advances continue on the tech, who knows what else we’ll discover down there. Did you know that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about our own oceans?

Take only Memories, Leave Only Bubbles

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Scuba diving is a great sport that offers you a glimpse of beautiful underwater sea life. If you have never been scuba diving, then you can snorkel to get an idea of whether you will like scuba diving. There are many places where you can learn how to scuba dive located throughout the country. Your lessons will start in a swimming pool, where you will learn how to breathe using the equipment. Most scuba diving destinations require you to be certified as a scuba diver before you can go on a dive. Scuba certifications are also available at popular scuba diving destinations. These certifications can be completed within one or two days.

Check online for a scuba diving certification center located close to your home. When you are on a dive trip, you must take care not to harm the coral reefs or the sea life. The tender coral reefs can die or become diseased if you touch them. It is important to dive with a buddy for your safety. The buddy system allows you the opportunity to explore the underwater world without worry. If you want to snorkel, there are some excellent shallow reefs in Cozumel where you can see a variety of sea life.

Scuba Dive Puerto Rico, America’s Caribbean Island

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While it may not be widely known, Puerto Rico has some of the best dive sites in the world. From the capital city of San Juan to the southern parts of Puerto Rico, avid divers can find a variety of diving locations that offer pristine, clear water and vibrant marine life.

Mona Island, located in the western part of Puerto Rico, is one of the best places to explore while on vacation. This island is known for its abundance of wildlife that isn’t found in other parts of the country. Interested scuba divers can take a boat ride to the (more…)

Belize Scuba Adventure, Little Country, Big Reef,

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Belize is located on the second largest barrier reef in the world. If you want a diving vacation to remember then Belize is a prime choice for you. Imagine yourself surrounded by gardens of coral, vibrant tropical fish and other marine life you may not see anywhere else in the world.
One of the most popular destinations for diving is Ambergris Caye. The dive area covers over 20 miles of the reef. Staying at a nearby resort allows you to reach over 40 dive sites.
If you truly enjoy marine life then you must schedule at (more…)

Super Slow Ascents Keep Scuba Divers Safer

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Scuba divers are at risk of developing a dangerous condition, known as decompression sickness which is more commonly referred to as “the bends.” Decompression sickness is caused when a diver ascends rapidly to the surface of the water, without making the required safety stops. Learning to recognize the symptoms of this dangerous condition is key to avoiding it. Limiting the amount of time you spend on the bottom and ascending at a super slow rate are two ways to avoid decompression sickness.

Most scuba divers experience symptoms (more…)

Computer Divers Have Longer Bottom Time

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Scuba diving is a fun way to spend an afternoon or vacation. Whether you enjoy taking pictures underwater or love to spearfish, using a dive computer can have many important benefits. Dive computers take some of the guesswork out of scuba diving and allow you to enjoy your time underwater as much as possible.

Dive computers calculate your maximum dive time by using a variety of data such as your current nitrogen levels, depth of the dive and your in-gassing rate at the depth of the dive. Using a dive computer can also decrease the risk of decompression sickness, because it is constantly recalculating your no-decompression limits automatically. These devices are also able to monitor the amount of nitrogen in your tissues during your dive. Because of their accuracy, dive computers allow you to have longer amounts of dive time on the bottom.

It is important to use your dive computer on every single dive you make, so it can accurately calculate your nitrogen levels. If your dive computer is not working correctly, ascend immediately and have it inspected as soon as possible. Always refer to the owner’s manual before diving to be sure you use your dive computer correctly. Once you become accustomed to your dive computer, you will never want to dive without it.

Scuba Dive The Hawaiian Islands, America’s Tropical Paradise

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One of the best places to scuba dive is the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian Islands are made up of over 132 islands though most people only think of the eight most popular. These include Maui, Kauai and Oahu. Did you know that 25 of marine life is endemic to Hawaii? This is due to the fact that the islands are 2400 miles from the nearest continent.
Depending on which island you choose to make your dive off of you may see (more…)

Scuba Diving is Better In The Bahamas

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Scuba diving is an exciting way to spend a vacation or long weekend. When it comes to gorgeous reefs and exotic fish, you just can’t beat the Bahamas. Before you can begin to scuba dive, you must first become certified and purchase the correct equipment.

It is important to obtain a full physical evaluation before beginning scuba training. Once your doctor has determined you are in good health, enroll in a local scuba certification class. Over the course of several weeks, you will learn what equipment is needed, how to (more…)